The impact-resistant cable pipe is used in places that require impact resistance such concrete pouring areas as overpasses and high bridges, as it does not crack due to impact, is easy to install, economical, and has excellent insulation.
Synthetic resin straight pipe (RR) is the safest among existing conduit and is used as a high-voltage electric wire protection pipe. In addition, installation is very simple with rubber ring joint.
Accessories for cable pipe includes connectors and couplings used for synthetic resin flexible cable pipe and impact-resistant pipe.
The round synthetic resin corrugated pipe is highly durable and strong against external pressure. It is buried under the roads, city complexes, and apartments. Its light weight enables easy installation.
Synthetic resin flexible (bent) cable pipe does not burn as it is flame-resistant (self-extinguishing), and has less connecting area to ensure safe installation. In addition, it allows easy piping work, and is used semi-permanently for concrete pouring se